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Benefits of


Benefits of Laughter 

Engages the Audience

Interactive Exercises

Positive Effects

Evidenced Based

Wellness Approach

Self Care

Nuturing Skills

Inner Joy

Happy Teens

Positive Effects of Joy

The Benefits of Laughter emphasizes the positive effects on incorporating joy in our lives.  The history, research and techniques are shared with participants to implement on a daily basis.  The interactive laughter exercises allow everyone to directly engage in the beneficial aspects of this program.  The research based process implements a professional and personal wellness approach in all settings for all ages. 

Self Care Tips

The Presentation also shares a wide array of self-care tools that includes journaling, use of music, breathing exercises, tapping techniques, progressive relaxation and so much more. The additional resources allow participants to further engage in beneficial skills in nurturing the connection between the physical, emotional and mental well-being.
Children Meditating
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