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 The resource workbooks include a variety of Coping Strategies, Social Emotional Learning Tools & Self Care Techniques.  Included are children's books inspired by her grandchildren who are reminders of how to live a life filled with Joy, Imagination and Laughter.


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Breathing Techniques Book for Children, Adolescents & Teens 

By Rosa Linda Cruz  | April, 2021

SEL (Social Emotional Learning) resource to help guide children, adolescents and teens with breathing techniques. An interactive guide with easy to follow steps allows for fun learning.

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Técnicas respiratorias para superhéroes (spanish edition)

By Rosa Linda Cruz  | Nov., 2021

Técnicas de respiración sencillas que se pueden incorporar a diario. Un recordatorio de que todos los SuperHéroes deben tomarse un tiempo para cuidarse y respirar.


The Dinosaur Boys: Los Niños Dinosaurios

By Rosa Linda Cruz  | Nov. 2020

Dinosaur Boys love their Dinosaurs so much that they go out on ADVENTURES with them daily and even ROAR like them.

Will you dare to join them in a day filled with dinosaurs? Children's BILINGUAL book for ages 8 & under.


Benefits of Laughter and so much More!
3rd ed.

By Rosa Linda Cruz  | Oct. 2021

Sometimes we find ourselves caught with the unexpected curveballs of life. We experience a wide range of emotions and it can easily disrupt our daily routine.

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Journal of Positive Affirmations (2nd ed.)

By Rosa Linda Cruz  | Nov., 2021

An SEL (Social Emotional Learning) resource that can be used in educational or personal settings. The positive affirmations in the journal are daily reminders to incorporate in our journey of well being. Recommended for children ages 5 - 18.


Ha Ha He He Ho Ho


By Rosa Linda Cruz  | April, 2021

This book will make your child Smile, Giggle and Laugh with all of the HA HA HE HE HO HO. It is interactive, repetitious and shares the benefits of laughter. Reserved for Silly Parents and Silly Children.


Breathing Techniques Book for Adult Super Heroes

By Rosa Linda Cruz  | April, 2021

Simple Breathing Techniques that can be incorporated on a daily basis. A reminder that all super heroes need to take time to self care and breathe.

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Técnicas respiratorias para niños y adolescentes (spanish edition)

By Rosa Linda Cruz  | Nov., 2021

Recurso SEL (aprendizaje social y emocional) para ayudar a guiar a niños y adolescentes con técnicas de respiración. Las ilustraciones con instrucciones fáciles de seguir lo convierten en una guía interactiva para un aprendizaje divertido.


My Favorite Bubbles


By Rosa Linda Cruz  | April, 2017

A very special day takes us on a journey that magically begins when a little boy discovers that BUBBLES can take on an adventurous experience filled with Fun, Imagination, and Laughter. Children's INTERACTIVE Book for Ages 4 & under.